Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lean Six Sigma Program Maturity Index

Process performance are pretty easy to be quantify and measured. What about the Program Performance ?

How to quantify and measure a LSS program performance then ? And what should be the meaningful response we should monitor 

In fact, there are few parameter generated from a LSS program.
- Saving from improvement project
- Total GB and BBs trained and certified
- Total project success rate / completion rate from each wave of training
- The continuity of applying Six Sigma approach after GB n BBs getting their certification

The first three parameter reflect the GB BBs performance and training effectiveness, which is quite easy and straight forward. The last one measure the level of management involvement in a LSS program.

How to do it ?
I have the way of cause.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why Your Lean Six Sigma Program Doesn't Work ?

A top guy ask me, he has certify more than 50 Green Belt and 10 Black Belt over the year. He also put a lot of effort and resource promoting the Lean Six Sigma culture through out the organization. But, overall company performance seem not improve, some KPI even goes toward a negative direction. Why ?

So, from here. He is quite disappointed with the program. And he made a conclusion, the program is not really effective, DMAIC is not user friendly, therefore the level of applications is low.

Conclusion, Lean Six Sigma DMAIC is not a solution for all !

Do you ever experience such situation ?

Ok, let me tell you. I walk through the EMS, Semiconductor Assembly, Quality Control, Transactional Business Process over my past 10 year in Lean Six Sigma training and project coaching. I have many success story to proof it works well in these fields.

What went wrong when a deployment fail ?

Let's discuss...

Saturday, February 13, 2016

How Much You Need For A LSS Deployment?

How much investment is needed for a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) deployment?

This is a common question usually ask by the management (I would call them pay master) when talk about LSS deployment. I can understand their concern, as ROI is one of the key indicators to measure their business success.

There are companies invested millions in this program deployment, including infrastructure setup, training, promotion and so on. Of course, they also reported millions of millions saving realized from the program (I don’t know how true it is), yet, all the business KPIs seem not really improve.

Then, people will start to challenge the effectiveness of LSS approach, so much money, resource, effort put in, but no result. And slowly, the program dies off.


I have some experience to share, what you should do to avoid falling into the trap.

Contact me if you need help.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Lesson Learnt

I attended a training at Dresden, that conducted by a consulting firm of a well known German sport car manufacturer. It was a Lean training, but I would say, that is not the training l m looking for.  

The training was organize by the center of operation from HQ, with an objective to enhance competence of a group of internal consultant. Mainly the soft skill portion. Unfortunately, the four days training end up just focus on lean principle and VSM. Talking about the Lean transformation the company gone through and a car assembly line visit. 

Beside this, training agenda was not share in advance, I only be brief on the topic to be cover every morning before the session start. Haha, this was my first experience in a training that organize this way. Quite a mess I would say. 

There are few possibilities that causing the mess. It could be due to the requestor did not fully understood their need, expectations was not communicated and understood, and the service provider tailor the training program based on assumptions. 

As a training service provider. Such issue is common to me. A lot of time requestor request a training but unable to describe their need or their end in mind precisely. It was the responsibility of a service provider to help their client sort out the issue, before we finalize and sign off the agenda. Activity should not start without properly defined agenda. 

My recommendation, service provider shall know the following before a training start. 
1. Know the end in mind of the requestor 
2. Know your audience 
3. Know your direction 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Lesson Learnt From The VW Scandal

I believe most people aware about the recent VW scandal. Me too.

To me, l have special feeling when l look at the case from different dimension. Mainly because l work in a Germany based company and the German culture directly or indirectly influence my behavior.

I have to admit l feel very proud to be an employee of the Germany Based company and enjoy working with the German who practice good disciplines, no compromise in quality, very focus,very detail and highly systematic. This is what l call the German Culture. These are the good thing l like to mention when talking about the German. Of course I don't forget the beer.

Almost 9 years in the company and working together with my German counterpart, l slowly recognized the secret that driving the German to be so successful today is the German Culture. I remember l tell myself before, this is the good practice l shall acquire if l want to be at their level. So, l pick it up and practice. No compromise even to myself. I can go to extreme to fail my KPI fulfillment, but l do not want to compromise with a lousy work.

This is my principle, and l think there is nothing wrong to stand firm with the  principle.

On the other hand, KPI fulfillment seem like very important in the business world. Even the CEO of the car maker willing to risk the German pride for the shake of KPI fulfillment.

I thought, this just a single event, but l was wrong. I saw another one demonstrate his intention to by pass the German culture also for the KPI recovery. I feel quite unfortunate to see such thing happen. May be, they forget their responsibility.

Again, l want to emphasis my point here. The German culture is a good culture l respect and should learn.

The lesson learnt from the scandal
- Being a leader of a multinational company. Their responsibilities is not only limited to increase value add to the share holder, they are also carry the responsibility to protect national pride.
- KPI recovery could be pretty easy, any how it is just a number game that can be explained. But once the national pride being damage by a misconduct. It is almost impossible to recover.