Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mc Donald's Production System III

I follow through Mc Donald's Production System since long time ago, my personal opinion, Mc Donald's is the only company in the world that demonstrate effectiveness of Lean Production System to the public. Further more, they manage it well and continuously improve their system.

一直以来我都很留意Mc Donald's的Production System。我觉得,Mc Donald's 是世上唯一能够把Lean Production System呈现于大众眼前的公司。而且,一直以来都管理得很好,也不断的改进。

During the new year, I got a chance to step in the Mc Donald's restaurant near by my house, oh, they had chance their process ! Immediately I took out my camera and snap some photo of the new improved Mc Donald's Production System.

新年期间有机会在光顾住家附近的Mc Donald's,发现道Mc Donald's又耍新花样了。赶快拿起相机把这新改良的Mc Donald's Production System 拍下。

Below photo showing the improved version of Mc Donald's Production System, can you recognize the differences ? Yes, they are now at the standard of One Piece Flow.

以下是新的Mc Donald's Production System,和旧的system相比,看得出有设么分别吗?
是的,新的system比旧的system来得Lean,而且已达到了one piece flow的境界了。

I used to tell my colleagues, we need not to visit Toyota or other automotive assembly plant to learn Lean Production System or so call Toyota Production System. Visit any nearest Mc Donald's restaurant will do. May be, the front desk crew may not able to describe about Lean Production System that they were trained to do so, how Mc Donald's maintain the consistency of their best practice throughout the world, this is the secret we should think about and learn from them.

我时常和同事说,要学Lean Production System 或是Toyota Production System,不需要跑到Toyota工厂那里去,去Mc Donald's 看就得了。Mc Donald's 的柜台服务员或许不能够告诉你什么是Just In Time,什么是One Piece Flow,什么是build to order还有很多关于Lean 的学问,可是他们每天的工作,都和TPS脱离不了关系,也不会歪离TPS的原则。为什么?

Last update : 01/03/2009

Mc Donald Production System II

Toyota production system classifies WIP or Over Stock as one of the major waste in the production system. But in Mc Donald, people seem like having different point of view.

Photo shows the WIP accumulated on the soft drink dispensing machine. I observe this while waiting for my turn to place order in one of the Mc Donald restaurant in Melaka Raya.

This is definitely not a good idea to me. In fact, this is not the 1st time I observe the similar case in Mc Donald, just can’t understand why the management allow such practice repeat again and again.

Simple question; why you produce if you don’t need it?

Last update : 02/01/08

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mc Donald's Production System I

I got a chance to snap the photo in a Mc Donald's restaurant while waiting for my turn to place order.
The incident happen when a customer service attendant found the burger tray is empty and the kitchen is not able to role out enough burger to meet customers demand. The crews seem like lack of experience to handle such messy situation. They loss control, leave the angry customers aside and having side discussion in front the burger tray. There are customer really unhappy to be serve in such situation. Some inpatient customer just walk away from the restaurant.
Mc Donald's is one of the successful company in lean production system, yet they end up in such situation.
Why ?
Actually, I don't really like the communication system that Mc Donald's is using. Where the customer service attendant asking for stock replenishment through shouting to the kitchen. Is this effective ? I doubt, how many order the guys in the kitchen can remember ? The system make the restaurant looks busy but not really effective.
In the Mc Donald's Production System, there is a Kanban tray in the system, but without the Kanban or Ticket to trigger the demand pull. Whereas, the demand pull is trigger by shouting.
May be, it is the company's culture, the management want it this way. Some noise in the restaurant can make the environment looks young and energetic.
Anyway, there are room for further improve the operation system.
Last update : 28/11/2007

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Common Term In Lean Production System

Common term use in Lean Production System.
That I learn from Wikipedia.
Just for info sharing

Andon (行灯) (English: Signboard)

Genchi Genbutsu (現地現物) (English: Go and see for yourself)

Hansei (反省) (English: Self-reflection)

Heijunka (平準化) (English: Production Smoothing)

Jidoka (自働化) (English: Autonomation - automation with human intelligence)

Just In Time (ジャストインタイム) (JIT)

Kaizen (改善) (English: Continuous Improvement)

Kanban (看板, also かんばん) (English: Sign, Index Card)

Manufacturing supermarket where all components are available to be withdrawn by a process

Muda (無駄, also ムダ) (English: Waste)

Mura (斑 or ムラ) (English: Unevenness)

Muri (無理) (English: Overburden)

Nemawashi (根回し) (English: Laying the groundwork, literally: Going around the roots)

Poka-yoke (ポカヨケ) (English: fail-safing - to avoid (yokeru) inadvertent errors (poka))

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hidden Factory

Hidden factory are non value added activities hided or embedded in any process operation. Because it is invisible to us, therefore we are not aware of it most of the time.

Toyota production system ( Lean ) classify the non value added processes as waste in the production system. Waste in the production system affecting process efficiency, resulting of higher operation cost.

Founder of Toyota production system Taiichi Ohno & Shigeo Shingo identified 7 critical wastes that need to remove from the main stream process flow. There are;

  1. Overproduction
  2. Waiting
  3. Transportation
  4. Inappropriate processing
  5. Excess inventory
  6. Unnecessary motion
  7. Defect

Out of the 7, I would like to add one more: Inspection

Wastes listed above is not unique to Toyota, it exist in our work place as well. We did not aware the existence most of the time, because it is invisible or it is being accepted as part of the main stream process operation.

When a company accepts hidden factory build up in their main stream process operation, a portion of the company resource will be take up to support the invisible operation that do not generate income for the company.
Hidden factory will growth over time. The cost to maintain the hidden factory will roll like a snow ball if management did not clean up their main stream process regularly. The bigger the size of the invisible factory, the more money will be taken up by the invisible monster.

Last update : 31/05/07