Sunday, October 22, 2017

My Bad Experience With Skynet Worldwide Courier Service

Today, I want to share my bad experience with this company. In fact, I wanted to talk about this months ago, I didn't make it due to what ever reason. Today, I decided to spare my weekend to summarize my opinion about this company.

As I mentioned my bad experience, I don't have any good thing to tell about. Only some unbelievable corporate culture I experience with.
I'm a client of this company for many years. I use their service to deliver my goods to my customers. My nightmare started since few month back where the company upgrading their online tracking system.
Since then, I'm not able to monitor my parcel delivery status online and provide update to my customer. My customer start to worry about their parcel and some even log police report or discuss about my credibility on social media. This is a very serious damage to me.

Surprisingly, there is no containment action being in place by Skynet Worldwide to handle the crisis. May be they have, but I don't feel it, I continuously being hurt by their problem. The management team seem allow the situation to continue for months !!! What the hack the management team doing ? 

I have to protect myself being hurt by Skynet Worldwide. I have to develop my own solution to solve my problem. I spend a lot of effort, manually track my parcel by phone, call their collecting center one by one, and request my customer on their other side to follow up. What a century joke isn't it. Suppose, I pay Skynet Worldwide to handle the delivery service. And now I got to solve the problem for them. With no cost.

Suppose, making a phone call to follow up my parcel delivery status is not a big deal to me and to my customer. My problem is, I have the phone number, I should feel happy if someone pick up my call after 2 or 3 attempt continuously calling. Sometime, I got to try for more than 5 attempt continuously, finally some one from the other side pick up my call and answer with a lazy voice. Well, my customers will not do this, they will just simply call me to flush out their frustration after 2 time trial calling to Skynet Worldwide collecting center.
Talk about their customer care hotline. +60356239090, I have another interesting joke to talk about. (I would recommend their management to make a try to call the so call customer care hotline). I would like to list down my experience every time I call for help.
  1. The auto call answering machine 1st will thank you for calling Skynet, followed by telling you all their customer service consultant are busy. Even before asking me type of assistant I need.
  2. After that, the system give me the option to choose. I usually choose option 3 "For customer service" and I have to wait and wait and wait....
  3. I were force to listen to their lousy marketing story play through the phone while waiting. From time to time they system will remind me their customer consultant are still engage. And after few minute, the system ask me whether I still willing to wait for the customer service consultant to attend my call. If not, I can end my call.
  4. Ok, if I were lucky, some one pick up my call and trying to help. Most of the time, these are the solution they able to offer.
    1. Our system is down, I can't advice your parcel status. 
    2. I can give you the phone number of the collecting center, you can "try to call".
    3. Our system down, I can't do anything.
I'm really surprise, Skynet Worldwide allow their frontline customer service consultant respond customer inquiries in such unprofessional manner. Are you sure really there is no other better way to support your customer ?  Ask me, I have better solution for you !! 

It is not so difficult to improve the situation. Just a matter of mind set change. In fact, they can do the following
  • Manually track parcel info offline. Setup 24 hour hotline to answer customer inquiries. Set up KPI to measure customer service consultant efficiency. Call have to attend not more than 3 ringing tone.
  • Update webpage to inform about issue of system upgrade. Provide precise information for the customers to follow up.
  • Enforce all collection center to attend customer call. Take disciplinary action on the collection centers that fail to fulfil the requirement.
  • Setup an audit team to ensure service quality.
  • Send SMS to inform sender after parcel delivered. Sender contact number is clearly stated on AWB note. Sending a simple SMS to notify sender about parcel delivery should not be a big effort.  
Simple action, no additional interment required. It is just a matter of attitude change. Management mind set is the critical success factor

My statement to Skynet Worldside management team, please seriously look into your internal issue and make necessary improvements. A small problem create by your frontline employee resulting a big problem at my side.

I would recommend Skynet management team to review all the negative comment leave by their customer on social media. Seriously look into this issue and make necessary correction.

If you really don't know what to do, feel free to contact me +601135511909. I may support you to improve your company.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Do You Set Expectation Before Invest In LSS Program ?

I used to receive feedback from GB/BB participants, they sign up for my GB/BB training because they hope to increase their value through the certification. (Nothing wrong, at least they come with a target behind).

What about the management who spend money to send their staff for the training? Have you ever ask yourself what do you expect from your investment ?

Do you want to spend money for the sake of increasing your staff market value?
Or to generate more value add to your organization through their knowledge ?

I have seen many manager who send their staff for my GB/BB training without an objective behind. The consequences are, GB who wish to earn more (especially Gen Y) leaving and those who stay are just forgot what they had been acquired once upon a time.

Bottom line, management is the biggest loser in this case.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Malaysian Entrepreneurs Should Consider Efficiency Improvement

Malaysian entrepreneurs are too much rely on cheap labour to run their operation. With the continuous rising cost of living , and stiff competition, and unsecured foreign labour policy. Many small and medium industries were force to close down due labour shortage and cost.

Malaysian entrepreneurs should realise, there is no more cheap labour supply in the world. Keep on relocating their manufacturing site from a low cost country to another low cost country isn't longer a solution.

To stay competitive, they need something different. Continuous quality n efficient improvement is the only way to survive.

How to do it ?
You may contact me to open up the discussion if you need help in this topic.

PUTRAJAYA: Employers with existing illegal foreign workers can continue to hire them as the Government has agreed to issue temporary work passes for these workers.....

Half of paid work can be automated: report

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Giving Out And Coming Soon

I'm slowly phase out from the Six Sigma program that I build up five years ago. Although this is not the ending I wish, due to the management decision, l have to accept the fact some how.

Starting a program that no body care is always no fun. No body like to pick the assignment if they have better option. Why me, why not others to pick up the assignment ? Because.. neither they nor me have a better option to choose at that time.

Since l can't ran away from the reality, l have to pick it up and move forward. It was my first time initiate a SS programme from the sketch. No experience and without a top down power to back the initiative.

l'm quite lucky l would say, l manage to survive for five years and successfully expand the program quickly throughout Asia Pacific region. More than 40 wave of GB and 5 wave of BB training completed in five years. Close to 20 million euro saving clocked from the program. Most importantly, there is no sign of cool down in training demand after five years.

This are my small achievement over the past five years. What most important to me are the experience acquired from the program deployment. This is priceless.

Now. I reach a point to change, where I have to pass down the job to others and pick up a new assignment.

I wish the good luck is always with me. Whenever I giving out something, there are something better is waiting for me.

I wish me good luck in the coming new year.