Monday, July 27, 2009

Mc Donald's Production System I

I got a chance to snap the photo in a Mc Donald's restaurant while waiting for my turn to place order.
The incident happen when a customer service attendant found the burger tray is empty and the kitchen is not able to role out enough burger to meet customers demand. The crews seem like lack of experience to handle such messy situation. They loss control, leave the angry customers aside and having side discussion in front the burger tray. There are customer really unhappy to be serve in such situation. Some inpatient customer just walk away from the restaurant.
Mc Donald's is one of the successful company in lean production system, yet they end up in such situation.
Why ?
Actually, I don't really like the communication system that Mc Donald's is using. Where the customer service attendant asking for stock replenishment through shouting to the kitchen. Is this effective ? I doubt, how many order the guys in the kitchen can remember ? The system make the restaurant looks busy but not really effective.
In the Mc Donald's Production System, there is a Kanban tray in the system, but without the Kanban or Ticket to trigger the demand pull. Whereas, the demand pull is trigger by shouting.
May be, it is the company's culture, the management want it this way. Some noise in the restaurant can make the environment looks young and energetic.
Anyway, there are room for further improve the operation system.
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