Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You Are The Real Boss

A colleague silently expresses his disappointment to me in the last Friday meeting. From the short conversation, I can sense that he is quite unhappy with his superior and the management. He has been with the department for more than 6 years but he is not given a change for his career advancement.

I feel sorry to hear that. From what I know, he is a very experienced engineer who gains lot of respect from his technical achievement.

He told me he is considering of inter departmental transfer but he worry he cannot get the green light from his “BOSS” because there are still plenty of cases need his attention…..

I don’t want to elaborate the case further since the answer is straight forward….

I have seen many similar cases like this, most of the time peoples suffer in such situation prefer to keep silent even they know they were ignored by the management. No one dare to walk into their manager’s office to voice up their feeling and seek for opportunity to fix the problem.

Honestly, I do face the same problem; I really walk into the GM’s office and ask for discussion about my career path, but I was chase out by him. I am quite disappointed when I asked to get out from the office, it is my bad experience. Anyway, I learn something from the lesson.

What for working with the management who don’t appreciate your talent?

Since then, I never treat my employer, managers as my “BOSS”. They are not my boss, they are just one of my customer. I M THE REAL BOSS.

I treat myself a service provider selling a service to the company at the price I think fair for both. I am responsible for the work I deliver. I have the right to ask for the fair price and I have the right to choose my customer who offer me best return and opportunity to growth.

Try to think this way, you may see thing differently….

Originally post on 2007

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