Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Gemba : In Japanese refer to the place where an event happen. The term can be easily understood if translated into Chinese or Kanji.

Gemba : 现场

I always believe Gemba visit is an effective way for root cause finding. To understand a problem, engineers must jump into the site when doing root cause finding for the problem, by then only he can fully understand the impact of the problem to others and propose precise corrective action.

I like to carry out Gemba walk when I have project activities executing in the production floor. I do believe this is the only way to get first hand information and react accordingly when something went wrong.

Gemba walk is easy, you no need any special tool. What you need is your initiative to walk into the site to have a personal feel of a working condition that other person is facing. By then, only you know what actually went wrong, how serious the problem and the impact to others.

Sound simple isn’t it ? but in reality, how many of us really like it or practicing ?

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