Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Theory X and Theory Y

Been in the bad mood for the past two days, therefore I try to be very quiet, because I worry I will make silly mistake due to my personal emotion. Anyway, my bad mood is linked to my work actually.

Two projects were delay for five month just because a manager from other department did not execute his duty in order. Because of that, some trouble makers use it as a block for me to move forward. I reflect my problems and disappointment to my manager, but I end up walk out from his office with no conclusion plus a bad mood.

In fact, he is right; the environment is as such, if I wish to change the situation, I should find way to overcome the blocking. Else, my only way is “wait”. Wait for all the issues settle before I proceed.

Since my manager says so, no point I continue the discussion, as I may end up instructed to help the manager solving his problems. I just pick up his advice and “wait”. Anyway, I’m not satisfied with the outcome as I dislike having so many open items in my work. I don’t like to delay my work, some more I have to entertain a group of so call “senior managers” who lack of self discipline. I have to talk to them nicely, convince them to accept my deliverable. If I m so unlucky, I my end up being the root cause of the mess.

Another case that make me very upset, that I mentioned several time in my blog. One person make mistake, many peoples feel the pain. Two prototypes build fail due to human error. I was busy arranging for the third build for the past few days. Unfortunately I make a silly mistake this round and was called to attend a lecture by my big boss.

I review back what my manager told earlier, in fact, he does have his point. As a project manager, I should be responsible for the entire mistake that peoples did, including my mistake. Because I m the leader of the assignment. I should ensure my team members deliver expected result at the right time. Regardless of team member’s attitude and performance, it is my fault if I m not able to lead the team to achieve the common goal. He also right, I don’t have other option to choose, I have to accept the fact.

The two unhappiness stir my mind for two days, led me think of Theory X and Theory Y. I used to be in Theory Y and expect my working partner in the same group as well. I believe, since I receive payment from my employer, it is my responsible deliver good result. I expect other having the same thinking as well. Unfortunately, the actual situation was not as what I expect. I realized I made a wrong assumption for the past three years !!!

Hmm.. I have to realign my assumption to reflect the actual situation. From next week onward…

Anyway, I would like to stress that, I m not in the Theory X group. I insist I do not want to be in the group, because the thinking will bring me laziness and negative opinion. I behave in this manner just to adapt to the environment.

“Because of the environment, therefore I have to accept the fact…” no wonder they end up in such a deep shit.

What are Theory X and Theory Y?
Here the explanation from Wikipedia





既然小老板都已经开口,我也不敢继续说下去,搞不好,我end up 还得帮那部门主管处理他的工作。唯有听从小老板的意见,“等”。虽然如此,其实我心里并不好受,因为我不喜欢我的工作又头无尾的,我不喜欢我的工作一天拖一天,还得应酬一大批缺乏纪律的so call 高级主管,还得好声好气的尝试说服他们接受我交出来的成绩。搞不好,到头来变成一却都是我的错。

另一件令我不开心的事情,其实这件事我已在在理谈了好几次。一人错事万人当。由于前两次的proto build都不合格,都是人为的疏忽,所以我前几天都在忙于处理第三次的proto build。不幸的,这一次轮到我犯了一个错误。结果被大老板叫去办公室里训了一顿。

回头想想,其实他说得也很有道理,身为一个project manager,我应该对所有人,包括我自己我犯下的错误负责。因为我的任务是领导一批人去执行某项任务,我的确保每个人都准时交出靓丽的成绩。任何人有不负责任的心态,工作上敷衍了事,交不出像样的成绩造成整个团队达不到目标,都是我的问题。他也说了这样一句话,我没得选择,因为整个环境都是这样,所以我必须接受。

这两项不开心的事情在我脑海里翻转了两天,让我想起了Theory X 和Theory Y的理论。一直以来,我都以Theory Y的心理来看待我的工作伙伴。在职场上,我一直抱着同样的信念,“受人钱财,替人消灾,天公地道”。既然收了公司的薪水,就得把我们分内的工作做好,我这认为,我也指望我其他的工作伙伴也这样认为。看来,现实并不如我所愿。因为我在一个大部分都是Theory X的大环境里工作!Shit,今天我才醒觉,我整整错了三年!!!

这里我必须声明,我不是Theory X的一群,我也坚持不加入Theory X这个懒人俱乐部。因为我两个顾客的要求,所以我必须作出少许的调整,已融入这个懒人俱乐部的大家庭。


或许你会问,Theory X Theory Y到底是什么?
以下就是我从Wikipedia 抄出来的解说。

Theory X
In this theory, management assumes employees are inherently lazy and will avoid work if they can. They inherently dislike work. Because of this, workers need to be closely supervised and comprehensive systems of controls developed. A hierarchical structure is needed with narrow span of control at each level. According to this theory, employees will show little ambition without an enticing incentive program and will avoid responsibility whenever they can. The Theory X manager tends to believe that everything must end in blaming someone. He or she thinks all prospective employees are only out for themselves. Usually these managers feel the sole purpose of the employee's interest in the job is money. They will blame the person first in most situations, without questioning whether it may be the system, policy, or lack of training that deserves the blame. A Theory X manager believes that his or her employees do not really want to work, that they would rather avoid responsibility and that it is the manager's job to structure the work and energize the employee. One major flaw of this management style is it is much more likely to cause Diseconomies of Scale in large businesses.

Theory Y
In this theory management assumes employees may be ambitious, self-motivated, and exercise self-control. It is believed that employees enjoy their mental and physical work duties. A Theory Y manager believes that, given the right conditions, most people will want to do well at work. They believe that the satisfaction of doing a good job is a strong motivation. Many people interpret Theory Y as a positive set of beliefs about workers. A close reading of The Human Side of Enterprise reveals that McGregor simply argues for managers to be open to a more positive view of workers and the possibilities that this creates.