Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Unhappy Weekend Shopping

I hate to do my weekly shopping over the week end just because of the congestion at the cashier.

I visited Tesco Melaka last weekend for my pre-Chinese New Year shopping. I feel quite disappointed when I m stuck in the queue for payment. Ethically, the supermarket operator shall treat their pay master like gold and shall not keep them waiting.

In fact, not only Tesco treat their customers in such manner, long queue in front of cash register machine is a norm to most supermarkets nationwide. There are so many supermarket operators in this country, just can’t understand why no one take a lead to do something different from their traditional way of doing thing.

Well, here some image that I capture while I m in the queue waiting my turn to settle the payment. Looks, how messy the cash register machine can be.

Is there any possibility to further improve the cashier efficiency without large scale investment ?