Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Common Question In Six Sigma Training

In a Green Belt training, there are participant ask such question;

  1. This is a Lean topic; can it be a Six Sigma project?
  2. Can I do a Six Sigma project without using statistical tool?
To answer the first question, per my opinion, in fact, there is no such thing of Six Sigma project or non Six Sigma project. Six Sigma; by itself is just a systematic problem solving methodology that following the DMAIC flow. As long as you are able to define your problem statement, you are able to define a metric to measure your performance, high chance; you are able to solve your problem through the DMAIC flow.

For the next question, can we run Six Sigma project without using statistical tool?

Before giving a “Yes” or “No” answer, I think we have to make ourselves clear the statistical role in the process of problem solving. In any case, we use number for performance measure, to tell the difference of before and after a chance being introduced. Besides using number, I don’t see any method that can be precisely describe a chance.

Now, let me answer the question.

Answer to you is “Yes”, you can avoid using statistic in your Six Sigma project, if you are able to describe a change precisely or effectively to your boss and your boss accept your description, then, I don’t see any problem to apply your method in your Six Sigma project. This is the basic requirement you have fulfill in your Six Sigma project.

There are many tools in the Six Sigma program; there is no one solution that fit all. You have to apply your expertise, your experience and yours intelligent to pick up the right tool to solve problem throughout the DMAIC phase.

Hope I answer your question;

All the best to you

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