Sunday, March 20, 2011

Debate About JMP Minitab or Cornerstone

"Cornerstone is not user friendly; we need better data analysis software like JMP or Minitab for our data analysis."

Somebody brought up the topic in the last management review, and we spend sometime to debate the disadvantage of existing data analysis software and how it make our life inefficient.

I try not to involve in the discussion, because I m new to the software and basically not qualify to comment.

I use Minitab most of the time for data analysis, I got no experience with JMP and recently I try to play around with Cornerstone due to the need for Green Belt training. Honestly, I do face some problem at the beginning, mainly due to the arrangement of pull menu (the way Cornerstone group the data analysis function) and the reporting format. Technically, I don’t face much problem after hours of trial.

I didn’t spend much time to study the full function of Cornerstone, but at least, I get what I want. This is most important.

Personally, type of data analysis software to use is not the top priority, what is most important is the knowledge of data analysis, knowledge of digesting information from a given data set. Without the basic understanding, even given with the best statistical software, so what….

Data analysis software is just a big calculator for you to perform more complicated mathematic calculation other than the common Microsoft Excel. Whether it is Cornerstone, Minitab or JMP, bottom line, it must return the same result.

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