Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kanban Card In Inventory Control

Days after the presentation, I try to meet up with VJ to understand his problem and the requirement of inventory control. He tell me he need to keep 5 rolls tape in the cabinet, and the supervisor is required to trigger stock replenishment when the found 2 rolls left.

I explain to him about the Kanban Card control and his problem can be easily solve with Kanban Card. Here the solution I propose to him

1. He has to prepare 6 Kanban Card as shown

2. He has to prepare a display board to store the Kanban Card every time operator withdraw the material from the cabinet.

With the 2 system in placed, now the supervisor’s job become very easy. What they need to do is just look at the display board and trigger stock replenishment on those envelope that fill up with Kanban Card.

I think this is a very simple visual control system that can be apply without incur much cost. The production control executive can just manage the inventory by controlling the Kanban Card qty. Supervisor can just perform their daily function by looking at the Display Board.

Is this a better and practical idea ?

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