Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Big Project I Ever Handle

Having a GB project review together with a group of Deployment Champion. To a company that new to Six Sigma, in general, I believe they are impressed with the result presented by the GBs, I m glad to see all the GBs presented their project successfully and they will be reward with an official Green Belt certification in a graduation ceremony.

This is the 1st batch of Green Belt being trained and certified with the classical Six Sigma certification approach. i.e. the candidate have to go through 8 days of class room training to cover all DMAIC tools, work on a project and must be able to demonstrate the capability of using the tool.

Since this is the first time the company adapt the Six Sigma program, and my 1st experience being the key driver of the deployment, some imperfection is expected, but this is not a blocking for continuous improvement.

In fact, we started the discussion about the deployment in July 2010, and we decided to start off a small scale program with the support of three internal staff that has the background of Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. We started the project with Six Sig Deployment strategy set, followed by organization structure, training material and finally training program.

This is not an easy journey to me in the past one year, but it is definitely a great success to me. You know, I m working with a company that do not believe in Six Sigma program once upon a time. People only start to talk about the program after four years since I join them as Project Leader. Anyway, they willing to open up an opportunity to try something new to them, the move is really encouraging.

Well, this is the time I need to prepare for the Wave II training. The demand for Green Belt training is overwhelming, again, this is another exciting challenge waiting for me, I never had the experience to handle such a big group of trainees, I have to think away to overcome the problem.

Let’s see what will happen to the next Wave of Green Belt training.

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