Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Most Difficult Item In Any Change Project

If you ask me, what is my biggest challenge in any project for continuous improvement?

I always gives a standard answer, i.e. : To change the people’s behavior.

Per my past experience, I always start an improvement project with lengthy discussion with a group of manager. I have to keep on repeat the same story again and again, for month or even for years, in order to convince them to approve my proposal to make a change.

When come to the change execution, actually, this is not so difficult to me, since I m only dealing with machine most of the time. I can simply make a change, do some data collection. And usually it only takes a few weeks for me to complete the task.

Now, come to the full implementation stage, I need to ensure peoples in the shop floor following the new instruction, make use of the new facility given to them and not converting the process system to the old way that they used to it. Dealing peoples in the shop floor always a big challenge to me. People are just simply refused to change; even they knew that they will be benefited in the new system. In my past experience, I ever watch a production operator to perform his duty for more than 6 month, in order to tune him to follow the new work procedure.

This is the reason why many improvement activities takes years to complete, I would say, 50% of the time wasted dealing with peoples on non value added topic.

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