Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some Lesson Learn From Kulim Green Belt Training Program

I was in Kulim in the past one week, supporting the Green Belt training for the Front End operation. This is their first experience holding Green Belt training, same to me, first time standing in front of a group of colleague that totally new to me. Somehow, thing is not well organize is expected.

Overall, I don’t feel good on this round of training, though I only involve in the second haft of the whole program, I don’t have the feel I achieve my objective. In the discussion with my counterpart, keep on reminding me that Kulim is not Melaka, I shouldn’t measure them based on Melaka’s standard. Ok, noted…

What is the problem then? Why Melaka manage to do it right at the first time, and what is the secret behind? By luck?

Definitely not by luck, I mentioned this in my earlier post
Now, let me talk about Kulim, based on what I sense in the four days training.

People attended the training without knowing too much about the program all about, they seem like do not aware the whole training session is break into two block, and what they suppose to deliver in each phase of the training and they under estimate the expectation from the training program. When people notices they are not prepared during training, they start to loss focus, sense of meaningless and de-motivated to continue.
I foresee such issue from my past experience, in Melaka, I used to schedule a briefing session to the potential Green Belt candidate, to make sure they are ready and well prepare before they come to the training. This session also provide a second chance for those who is not ready to commit for project completion to reconsider to sign up for the training.

I believe, this was not done in Kulim before the Block I training.

Project selection could be another problem I see in Kulim, before I come, I hope l can learn something in term of wafer process from the Green Belt through project presentation, unfortunately, non of them ready with some slide to share their problem, or project status. Therefore, we cancel the project presentation session as planned in Melaka. Input given to me from the Green Belt candidate was, they are too busy on other business activities. Who should be blame in this case?

What about Melaka, or the other site in Asia that I handle? I would say, I face the same problem, but not as serious as compare to Kulim. My advice to Kulim is, managers involve in project selection and assigning project, should be smart enough to pick up project that within control of the Green Belt candidate, project can be identify from the engineering activities that Green Belt is currently working on. So that they Green Belt has a project, that within their control and without additional workload.
Training facility, ar……… this is the worst I ever experience. I have to shift from one training room to the other, within the four training day, this is really no fun to me. Such problem can be avoided if somebody paying attention about the training.

Overall, not so bad, at least, I believe somebody is learning something, at least I learn something from the negative point mentioned, so that I m more prepare in the future.

Though this is not at good experience in the first launch, but it is not the end of the world, I do believe they can do better in the next Wave, I do hope I can join them in the next phase, right from the phase of project selection.

Lets see…