Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lean Game - Lucky Face Assembly


The Lucky Face Assembly is a Lean Manufacturing Game that I suppose to tailor it for Lean Manufacturing System training. Unfortunately, I don’t have the chance to test the effectiveness until the Black Belt training in Munich.

As the counterpart request me to take care the Lean Manufacturing topic, I decided to take a risk to trial run the game in Munich. Fortunately, it runs well in the first round though there are some minor hip up, I manage to handle it anyway.

In fact, I learnt the Game from You Tube ( just do a search of “Mr Happy”, you should able to get it ). But I did some changes so that overall flow and handling procedure is matching the business nature of my company.

I m happy to see the participants are able to make use of the Lean Tools I introduce and manage to make significant improvement to meet the unpredictable customer demand. They learnt how to construct a VSM through the game as well.