Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Tear Down Of GR&R Template For Continuous Data

When I m free, this is one of the thing I like to do.

I try to understand the template sometime ago, but I couldn't get it right and I find it too complecated to follow.

Yesterday when cleaning up my folder, I found the template again and I ask myself a second chance. I printed the whole template out in big A3 paper and try to link up the relationship of each single working step. Finally, I think I understandit it better.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Chance To Share In Wuxi

There are many first time for this round of business trip to the Mainland China.

First time I touch down on Shanghai and Wuxi
First time I given a chance to conduct training in Wuxi
First time the GBs sitting in front of me are manager level
First time I have to conduct the training in 50% in English and 50% in Mandarin.

Yes, it is a totally new experience to me.

In the past, the GB training I involve, most of the time GBs attending my training are junior or senior engineers nominated by their functional manager, and most of the time, their managers as their project sponsor has limited knowledge about the Six Sigma program and problem solving methodology and even limited knowledge about the improvement project the GBs identify for their GB training.

But for this round, it is the first time the company organize a GB training program, not for their engineers, but for the functional managers. The whole idea is, all the functional managers ( at least in the operation ) should be GB certified, so that they can guide their subordinate to handle improvement activities through Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.

Yes, this should be the right way to go if a company serious about the program. I believe everybody know that management support and commitment is the key success factor of Six Sigma deployment, getting the functional managers trained as GB can be an effective way to spread the Six Sigma culture throughout the company.

The Wuxi plant is another focus of me after Melaka. It will be more challenging to me as I have to work with a team and in an environment that totally new to me. I do hope I can create another success story in the Mainland China.