Sunday, September 30, 2012

Toyota A3 Reporting Format

Since last year I started the Lean Manufacturing System training, I notice the weakness of the training module I set up. With the initial management objective is to organize an introduction of Lean Manufacturing System to the Industrial Engineers. Because this is just an “Introduction” session, therefore I prepare a set of training material which is very much focus on the Lean Manufacturing Concept, but not much in the practical.
I conducted 3 classes in year 2012, according to the feedback from participant, I can sense that, they appreciate the concept and believe it is applicable in their work place, but how to start? This is the common question post to me at the end of the session. They need a systematic Lean project management guide to guide them through. Well, in fact, I also know the weakness and this is the topic I need to fix in the coming year.
So, after few consideration of DMAIC & Toyota A3 reporting format, I choose the A3 format for my future Lean training program, this is to avoid unnecessary argument between the die hearth supporters of Six Sigma & Lean. Anyway, it is not so important to me whether it is more Six Sigma bias or Lean bias, it is just a tool to guide us solving our problem in a systematic way, and I see a lot of similarity between Six Sigma and Lean in term of this reporting format. Ok, I will talk about it in my next posting.
Below is the A3 format I prepare.

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