Monday, December 24, 2012

A Review Of My 6 Sigma Journey of 2012

How fast time flies by and you don’t even realize, it is coming to the end of year 2012! During the festive season, I would spend some time to review through the status of Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean program in the OP BE before the closing of year 2012.

2012 is the second year of Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean program being deploy in Infineon Melaka. Over the past 2 years, we conducted 4 Wave of Green Belt training that covered Melaka, Wuxi & Singapore site. Total 101 engineers being trained in Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean problem solving approach, 34 of them (3 from Wuxi, 29 from Melaka & 2 from Kulim) successfully fulfill the Infineon Green Belt certification criteria and awarded as certified Green Belt from IFAG. As today, there are 37 Green Belt project closed that contribute to about one million euro saving from the improvement solution implemented. There are 64 Green Belt project in the pipe line, projected to contribute about 1.5 million euro saving in FY2013.

Besides Green Belt training, there is also Black Belt training being organized in year 2012 in Munich, involving colleagues from Melaka & Wuxi site, as well as colleagues from Front End site such as Kulim, Regensburg and Business Unit. The main objective of Black Belt training is to further develop existing Green Belt  to handle more advance Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean tools, so that they are capable enough to support the local management in program deployment and supporting Green Belts in applying Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean problem solving approach to achieve breakthrough improvement.

23 November 2012, we are celebrating the Green Belt Graduation ceremony for Green Belts participate in the Wave II training, this is the second graduation ceremony since last year, total 20 Green Belt of Infineon Melaka and 1 from Wuxi participate the training program successfully fulfill the stringent certification criteria and awarded Green Belt certification from IFAG QM SI. At the same time, we officially announce Khirullah was certified as Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean trainer after going through assessment by our program partner from the HQ. With Khirullah, we further strengthen our local trainer team to face the new challenging year of 2013.

Experience and the sustainable result gained in the past two year proven Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean is a practical problem solving approach, it is a reliable strategy that drive us toward a High Performance company.

2013 will be a very challenging year ahead, overwhelming demand for Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean program support and Green Belt training shows the strong interest of management in this program. We appreciate your involvement and we welcome you as part of our team, as strong management support and involvement is the key success factor of this program. Let’s team up and make Thinking 6 Sigma + Lean systematic problem solving approach as an important driver to the OP BE toward a High Performance organization.

Last but not least, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all colleagues Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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