Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Pull System For Packing Material Inventory Management

Few days ago I receive a request from the logistic manager, to think about a pull system to stream line her packing material inventory management.

Based on her description of current material management process and problems she face, I draft out a simple VSM I believe practical for her application.

In fact, I m planning this for her with a purpose. I hope, the system I proposed works in the packing material inventory management, so that this system can be expand for others material and slowly turn the whole warehouse inventory management by pull system

Below is the statement she wrote to me:

"The list below are packing material delivered direct from supplier to prod (Ship To Line, STL); i.e. without delivery to LOG Receiving. In my opinion, candidates for Kanban with supplier. Currently prod sup will inform planner (daily). Planner will inform supplier before 10am daily & supplier deliver aro 11am. No editing done by planner. We could work on direct info from prod to supplier. And looking at the long list, currently rather huge effort for supervisor to organize the requirement.

Pls give this a though. We meet up next week to discuss how best to proceed. Thnaks"