Friday, July 11, 2014

Management Involvement Become A Blocking To Grow ?

Many practitioner suggest a Six Sigma program kick off should come with the blessing of top management. Likelihood a program cannot be sustained if lacking of the key ingredient. Therefore, the key word, “Management Involvement, Management Support, Management Commitment” or whatever… always assume to be the key success factor of Six Sigma program.

My question is, to which extend the so call “Management Commitment” we need in order to kick off some program activities successfully?

There are practitioners expect a full Management Commitment in the program, otherwise, they will not start anything.

Full management commitment here meant, the management should follow up the progress of the program activities, project review, improvement project selection, and so on…

My next question is, as an experience program lead, are we really need those item mention in order to start something?

Usually, my expectation of Management Support is very simple, as long as the management agreed to release some resource for me to work on, that is consider good enough. I will manage the rest. What most important to me is a chance to shows good result at their area in order to get their buy in.

All of us born with the resistant to change. We can change someone by forcing or by influencing. Forcing the management to change could be easier and effective under top down approach, however, this method may cause even highest resistant to change in a bottom up approach.

Leading a Six Sigma program in an organization where Six Sigma is just a nice to have program to the management, without any top down direction from the CEO, nothing much I can expect from the so call top management.

You may ask me, as the CEO is not really interested, why shall I put in my effort to drive the program?

Well, my answer could be very simple, I’m paid to do the job, and I see the opportunity to grow my career path in this field, therefore I fight for it, not only to hit the KPI of my functional manager, also for my personal goal.

My ultimate goal is to continue expand the program within my area of influence and show result. Management Involvement, Management Commitment, and so on is not so critical to me at the early stage, what most important to me is the permission for me to start some small group activities at their territory, and slowly I can pull them in to involve.

Over my past experience, I never experience a smooth and easy journey in program deployment. “Management” topic always the biggest challenge that blocking my way to move forward. Thank god, there are always 3 options for me to choose

  1. Stop there and wait for the rock to melt down by itself
  2. Break the rock with a hammer
  3. Find a way to by pass
Which is the better option? You decide…