Monday, September 15, 2014

Discussion Over Bottom Up Deployment Approach

I’m feeling a bit disappointing when I have to turn down an invitation to be a speaker of 6th Lean Six Sigma & Performance Excellence Asia Summit 2014. In other word, I miss the chance to share my experience in deploying LSS program through bottom up approach.

The main root cause is, somebody in the team that holding higher influence power have different opinion regarding the deployment approach that we are adopt in the past three year.

Well, let’s discuss,

Top down program deployment approach should be familiar to most LSS practitioner. The approach is pretty simple; the few big bosses of an organization set goal and direction, everyone under the hierarchy just follow command from the top. Usually, top down deployment approach give limited freedom for the people to speak up their opinion toward the top management decision.
Whereas, bottom up approach is a bit complicated and confusing. Somebody may mislead that as long as there are top management involvement in the working team, it shouldn’t be classify as bottom up approach anymore. It should be classify as Hybrid approach. Huh…. from who the theory comes from?

Ok, if based on his theory, LSS deployment that adopting bottom up approach should start at shop floor level and initiate by the shop floor operator then? No management involvement at the beginning. Can this happen in LSS deployment? I doubt.

Bottom up, based on my understanding, is a management approach where more freedom was given to a program committee set their direction that supporting achievement of organization goal. The “Program Working Committee” members may consist of shop floor operator, engineer, director, senior VP, or even CEO. It depends on the nature setup of the program.

In this case, program goal and direction is set by the working committee, not the top management. Top management may not be so much involve in the program, but must be acknowledge the existence of the program activities,  or sometime play an advisory role to ensure overall organizational goal and direction is followed.

I think the different of top down and bottom up approach could be easier to understand based on the statement below;

Top Down – I m the boss, I set the goal and direction, just follow me, no question ask.

Bottom up – we are in a family, let’s work out something to help our family grow.

Make sense ?

There is no right or wrong answer here, individual perception differ mainly due to education background and experience. I respect different voice, but forcing me to align with a special power could be a wrong way.

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