Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Control Number Of Decimal Point In Minitab Report ?

How to control number of decimal point to be report in Minitab report ?

This question come into my mind since long time ago, but I didn't really bother as it doesn't impact me too me. I have to take this seriously when I try to generate a report where I only need 3 decimal point to be show in my report.

I was using the Assistant Manu to generate a box plot as below, it is simple to use no doubt, but I spend my whole morning trying to find a way to adjust the number reporting limit to 3 decimal point.

In fact, I can't..... and I have to give up. It really spend me too much of time to hunt for the solution.

I try to write to Minitab support team to ask about the issue, answer to me was quite disappointing. Yes, I m not allow control number of decimal point to be use for Minitab reporting.

Anyway, Minitab do give me a workaround to overcome my problem, in fact, I m not really satisfy with their proposal.

Here is the solution suggested by Minitab

"As a workaround for the time being, you could consider using Stat > Basic Statistics > Store Descriptive Statistics instead of the boxplot in the Assistant menu to obtain the table of values below.  Enter C3 in the first field and the column that defines the boxes in the second field.  Click the Statistics button to select the statistics you want to display.  Once the values for N, Mean, Standard Deviation, Minimum and Maximum are stored in the worksheet, you can right click on any column and choose Format Column > Numeric.  In the new dialog box, choose Fixed decimal, and enter 2 as the number of decimals.  This way, you can control the number of decimals displayed in the output."

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