Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Recognition From China

On 9 to 10 Apr, by responding to the earnest invitation of Ms. Lu Lisa, head of IFWU LOG, and Mr. Wang James, head of IFWU Academy, Mr. Mok Fock Lin, IFMY lean master, came to Wuxi and delivered a very vivid and impressing logistic-specific lean training. 16 logistic specialists from IFWU, IFCN and IFBJ attended this two-day training at Wuxi site.

LOG specialist from Wuxi, Beijing and Shanghai shared the 6 Sigma+Lean training at Wuxi
Ever since 6 sigma + lean programs were launched at IFWU, the concept has been widely accepted among engineer and quality sections. But to supporting functions like logistic department, 6 sigma + lean is still an unknown area that's barely touched. To make the complicated LOG operation process lean and fast, the introduction of 6 sigma + lean concept becomes a necessity.
During this training, Mr. Mok Fock Lin elaborated on the basic knowledge of 6 sigma and lean. The LOG colleagues were deeply impressed by the overall introduction of detailed tools and methods to define a problem, to analyze the root cause and to make improvements. Combined with concrete logistic related examples as well as Infineon experience, we have easily acquired the steps of problem definition, root cause finding and improvements methodology, when solving a problem.
Mr. Mok Fock Lin asked us to do some simple exercises to help us easily understand how to apply the tools. We discussed in groups how to teach a 3-year-old child simple addition and subtraction by referring to the Visual Control and POKA-YOKE, which actually deepened our understanding of these two theories that can be widely applied in ware house management.

Group discssuon and presentation seesion during the training of  Visual Control and POKA-YOKE methods
As the last part of the training, we had a business scenario simulation exercise to optimize the supply chain process from order receiving to goods delivery by applying lean tools we’ve learnt. During the first round, our on time delivery was only 70% with high inventory in our premise. Next few rounds everyone gave suggestions to improve the process, Mr. Mok also provided us some guidance to apply lean tools. As a result, we achieved 100% on time delivery with 70% inventory reduction and 40% headcount reduction. “It’s unbelievable!! The training is really beneficial.” Most LOG colleagues expressed their heartfelt feelings at the end of the training.
The flowchart of supply chain process
 improvements during our practice was recorded
Ms. Lu Lisa said, “Logistic staff thought 6 Sigma + lean as a mere production topic. This training transformed our mindset totally. It helps us think systematically in our job; we learnt the tools like DMAIC , 7 wastes and Kanban etc. Next step we will define two lean projects to apply the lean tools.”
Cheng Bruce from IFCN said, “The training helps me a lot in doing daily work and projects; the concept and knowledge of 6 sigma + lean can be easily used in many logistic process.”
"My deep impression lies in  the excises which allow participants to earn how to use the lean tools to understand the weakness in process and how to improve. They  are excited with the result after improvement through excises ". Mr. Wang James expressed.
With the application of 6 Sigma + Lean in logistics function, and under the joint efforts of China LOG team, we are confident to work out higher performance logistic solutions.

China LOG Team at Infineon Wuxi

AUTHOR: Jiang Ulysses (IFWU LOG), Wang James (IFWU ACA)

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