Thursday, June 18, 2015

What Cause A Six Sigma Program Fail ?

I'm never expect the program that I put in a lot of effort to build up and grow in the past fours years has come to the stage where I need to get myself prepare to face the bad situation, that may lead to a total program failure over night.

It is quite a pity to see a program that moving on the right track, consistently delivering result, was ignored when a new management come in with new set of believe. When the management believe Six Sigma program do not deliver any value add to them, continuing maintain the program will eventually become a burden.

Since the change takes place in last April, I foresee the day will come, just a matter of time. I keep telling myself, I should take the initiative to promote the program to the new management, to help him understand better, and hopefully I can turn around the situation.

Yes, I did try several time to discuss about the program, but the end result seem not promising. I'm a bit loss, further more, rumour flying everywhere for sure affecting my motivation level in such uncertain situation.

Well, I had try my best to change the situation, they hold the power to decide whether to keep it or leave it. Just wait and see.