Friday, September 25, 2015

Lesson Learnt From The VW Scandal

I believe most people aware about the recent VW scandal. Me too.

To me, l have special feeling when l look at the case from different dimension. Mainly because l work in a Germany based company and the German culture directly or indirectly influence my behavior.

I have to admit l feel very proud to be an employee of the Germany Based company and enjoy working with the German who practice good disciplines, no compromise in quality, very focus,very detail and highly systematic. This is what l call the German Culture. These are the good thing l like to mention when talking about the German. Of course I don't forget the beer.

Almost 9 years in the company and working together with my German counterpart, l slowly recognized the secret that driving the German to be so successful today is the German Culture. I remember l tell myself before, this is the good practice l shall acquire if l want to be at their level. So, l pick it up and practice. No compromise even to myself. I can go to extreme to fail my KPI fulfillment, but l do not want to compromise with a lousy work.

This is my principle, and l think there is nothing wrong to stand firm with the  principle.

On the other hand, KPI fulfillment seem like very important in the business world. Even the CEO of the car maker willing to risk the German pride for the shake of KPI fulfillment.

I thought, this just a single event, but l was wrong. I saw another one demonstrate his intention to by pass the German culture also for the KPI recovery. I feel quite unfortunate to see such thing happen. May be, they forget their responsibility.

Again, l want to emphasis my point here. The German culture is a good culture l respect and should learn.

The lesson learnt from the scandal
- Being a leader of a multinational company. Their responsibilities is not only limited to increase value add to the share holder, they are also carry the responsibility to protect national pride.
- KPI recovery could be pretty easy, any how it is just a number game that can be explained. But once the national pride being damage by a misconduct. It is almost impossible to recover.

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