Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Lesson Learnt

I attended a training at Dresden, that conducted by a consulting firm of a well known German sport car manufacturer. It was a Lean training, but I would say, that is not the training l m looking for.  

The training was organize by the center of operation from HQ, with an objective to enhance competence of a group of internal consultant. Mainly the soft skill portion. Unfortunately, the four days training end up just focus on lean principle and VSM. Talking about the Lean transformation the company gone through and a car assembly line visit. 

Beside this, training agenda was not share in advance, I only be brief on the topic to be cover every morning before the session start. Haha, this was my first experience in a training that organize this way. Quite a mess I would say. 

There are few possibilities that causing the mess. It could be due to the requestor did not fully understood their need, expectations was not communicated and understood, and the service provider tailor the training program based on assumptions. 

As a training service provider. Such issue is common to me. A lot of time requestor request a training but unable to describe their need or their end in mind precisely. It was the responsibility of a service provider to help their client sort out the issue, before we finalize and sign off the agenda. Activity should not start without properly defined agenda. 

My recommendation, service provider shall know the following before a training start. 
1. Know the end in mind of the requestor 
2. Know your audience 
3. Know your direction 

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