Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why Your Lean Six Sigma Program Doesn't Work ?

A top guy ask me, he has certify more than 50 Green Belt and 10 Black Belt over the year. He also put a lot of effort and resource promoting the Lean Six Sigma culture through out the organization. But, overall company performance seem not improve, some KPI even goes toward a negative direction. Why ?

So, from here. He is quite disappointed with the program. And he made a conclusion, the program is not really effective, DMAIC is not user friendly, therefore the level of applications is low.

Conclusion, Lean Six Sigma DMAIC is not a solution for all !

Do you ever experience such situation ?

Ok, let me tell you. I walk through the EMS, Semiconductor Assembly, Quality Control, Transactional Business Process over my past 10 year in Lean Six Sigma training and project coaching. I have many success story to proof it works well in these fields.

What went wrong when a deployment fail ?

Let's discuss...

Saturday, February 13, 2016

How Much You Need For A LSS Deployment?

How much investment is needed for a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) deployment?

This is a common question usually ask by the management (I would call them pay master) when talk about LSS deployment. I can understand their concern, as ROI is one of the key indicators to measure their business success.

There are companies invested millions in this program deployment, including infrastructure setup, training, promotion and so on. Of course, they also reported millions of millions saving realized from the program (I don’t know how true it is), yet, all the business KPIs seem not really improve.

Then, people will start to challenge the effectiveness of LSS approach, so much money, resource, effort put in, but no result. And slowly, the program dies off.


I have some experience to share, what you should do to avoid falling into the trap.

Contact me if you need help.