Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why Your Lean Six Sigma Program Doesn't Work ?

A top guy ask me, he has certify more than 50 Green Belt and 10 Black Belt over the year. He also put a lot of effort and resource promoting the Lean Six Sigma culture through out the organization. But, overall company performance seem not improve, some KPI even goes toward a negative direction. Why ?

So, from here. He is quite disappointed with the program. And he made a conclusion, the program is not really effective, DMAIC is not user friendly, therefore the level of applications is low.

Conclusion, Lean Six Sigma DMAIC is not a solution for all !

Do you ever experience such situation ?

Ok, let me tell you. I walk through the EMS, Semiconductor Assembly, Quality Control, Transactional Business Process over my past 10 year in Lean Six Sigma training and project coaching. I have many success story to proof it works well in these fields.

What went wrong when a deployment fail ?

Let's discuss...

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