Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lean Six Sigma Program Maturity Index

Process performance are pretty easy to be quantify and measured. What about the Program Performance ?

How to quantify and measure a LSS program performance then ? And what should be the meaningful response we should monitor 

In fact, there are few parameter generated from a LSS program.
- Saving from improvement project
- Total GB and BBs trained and certified
- Total project success rate / completion rate from each wave of training
- The continuity of applying Six Sigma approach after GB n BBs getting their certification

The first three parameter reflect the GB BBs performance and training effectiveness, which is quite easy and straight forward. The last one measure the level of management involvement in a LSS program.

How to do it ?
I have the way of cause.


Nancy said...

How can we use lean six sigma methodologies to improve healthcare services? What are the tools and techniques of finding defects from the process?

I Talk - You Do said...

Hi Nancy. You need to establish a performance measure at the first. Without the ruler, you don't know your performance.

Identifying problem, my personal opinion. Is very much depends on the type of deficiency you are trying to improve.

Understand your problem first. Then only decide whether to use the classic six sigma or lean tool