Monday, October 3, 2016

Six Sigma – A Way Of Life

This is my 6th year driving Lean Six Sigma program in the German based company. Overall, I would say it is a successful program among many others corporate driven continuous improvement initiative. The key success factor behind is the Six Sigma culture, where we try to quantify everything we are measure and the systematic problem solving approach.

Have you ever seen any continuous improvement program, where people declare their success without mention any quantifiable comparison “Before” and “After” improvement? Or they just declare implemented part, but not able to explain the benefit from the implemented solution?

I believe this is very common.

Worst case, after the celebration, people forget about the solution and go back to the old way of doing thing. Solution is not sustainable.
If you are the one still struggle with the problem I mention above, try to consider the Six Sigma approach. A successful adoption of Six Sigma approach will shape the people in an organization to look at problem in different dimension and drive sustainable best fit solution.

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