Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Giving Out And Coming Soon

I'm slowly phase out from the Six Sigma program that I build up five years ago. Although this is not the ending I wish, due to the management decision, l have to accept the fact some how.

Starting a program that no body care is always no fun. No body like to pick the assignment if they have better option. Why me, why not others to pick up the assignment ? Because.. neither they nor me have a better option to choose at that time.

Since l can't ran away from the reality, l have to pick it up and move forward. It was my first time initiate a SS programme from the sketch. No experience and without a top down power to back the initiative.

l'm quite lucky l would say, l manage to survive for five years and successfully expand the program quickly throughout Asia Pacific region. More than 40 wave of GB and 5 wave of BB training completed in five years. Close to 20 million euro saving clocked from the program. Most importantly, there is no sign of cool down in training demand after five years.

This are my small achievement over the past five years. What most important to me are the experience acquired from the program deployment. This is priceless.

Now. I reach a point to change, where I have to pass down the job to others and pick up a new assignment.

I wish the good luck is always with me. Whenever I giving out something, there are something better is waiting for me.

I wish me good luck in the coming new year.